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Rattlesnakes are a part of the natural Tucson desert ecosystem. They can sometimes be problematic in residential areas, especially when they come into contact with humans and pets outside. If you have seen signs that there could be snakes on your property or would like to keep them out so as not to create any issues for yourself and others nearby, we at Tucson Fence Building offer snake prevention services designed specifically for these environments!

There's a chance you'll see an occasional snake while living in the desert. The best way to deal with them is simply by staying away from areas where they are often found and alerting others of your presence if you do happen upon one.

rattlesnake fences

Our team knows how to keep snakes out. We install a low-profile barrier that uses the snake's natural behavior to lead them past your property, and back out where they belong!

Are you looking for a way to keep rattlesnakes out of your yard? Well, now is the time! If so, we're here with our free estimate and 24-hour promise. Just give us a call or fill out our form for more information today!

Any Arizona home that borders native desert, has a wash nearby, or had snakes in the yard at some point could benefit from snake fencing. Rattlesnakes are so common here that many of our new customers meet us because they've already met one—a rattler removed from their garage or backyard by someone else who knows how important it is to keep these potentially deadly creatures away!

When moving to a new area, homeowners get ready for many changes: different neighbors and schools; unfamiliar stores. One thing they may not be prepared for is an infestation of snakes! Particularly in areas with heavy growth like the sprawling North Scottsdale or Tucson suburbs where construction sites abound, snake sightings are inevitable- but don't worry about them too much because we have your back! We offer protection from unwelcome reptiles by installing protective fencing around their property as well as providing design consultation services so you can create a landscape that's more appealing to wildlife without sacrificing aesthetics.

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Snake fencing is a popular way to keep snakes out, by creating an obstacle that common rattlesnakes cannot cross. It's not like there are actual "snake fences," but rather modifications made on existing gates and barriers which create the most effective wall in order to repel Arizona rattlesnakes from homes. When combined with habitat reduction techniques, this makes for one of the best ways possible to banish these vile pests once and for all! Special consideration given towards each specific area allows builders make sure they're building snake-proof walls wherever necessary; folks living in Phoenix should know how important it is now since some species live only within their region – goodbye creepy crawlies!

Snake fencing is considered one of the simplest methods available today.

rattlesnake fences

Rattlesnake Fence Installation in Tucson, AZ

We use 1/4 galvanized mesh (hardware cloth) that is 36" high. If your view fence sits on top of a concrete curb, we bring the bottom edge directly in contact with the concrete so no rattlesnakes can get under it. We've seen that a few other companies use mesh with 1/2-inch spacing or only use 24 inches in height which offers no protection from baby rattlesnakes and large rattle snakes. We see results often while performing snake removals, often from yards protected by inferior fence installation materials - ones considering range sizes of Arizona's native species' size ranges are crucial to keep you safe!

When a fence is not installed properly, it can create an easy entrance for snakes. We like to bury the wire mesh into the ground so that there are no openings or spaces where they could get inside of your property. Rattlesnakes in particular find this type of fencing irresistible because they would be able to climb over top and sneak through any gaps; but with our method, we will make sure you don't have anything to worry about!

We take pride in ensuring all areas around your home or space remain free from snake-related incidents by providing quality fences at competitive prices!

The fencing at the end of each run is drilled into a block wall, and concrete anchors are used to secure it. The ends matter as much as every inch between them because snakes can travel along walls and fences.

Gates are known to be an issue for those with mobility issues, and they need creativity. Gates can get in the way of wheelchairs or walkers because there is no telling where someone will enter a gate from. No two gates are alike; we take each one as it comes by placing concrete curbs at different heights under the entrance point on either side that meet up just below their opening so people using wheelchairs don't have any trouble accessing them without being blocked off somewhere else inside like overgrown plants may do if not dealt with properly early enough. Alongside the bottom edge of these barriers lies more fiberglass edging pieces which serve another purpose: keeping gaps between gates closed while still maintaining easy access through them!

Drain blocks are often the easiest way for snakes to invade your yard. They seal gaps between wires with wire mesh and anchor it all down with concrete anchors that blend in well, making them easy to forget about until a snake slithers out of one! This is why Snake Fence should be considered anywhere you live near natural desert habitat like Tucson Arizona.

When we are done with the project, our goal is for there not to be any gaps larger than 1/4" around the area we have secured. We've been on a journey throughout Arizona where snakes lurk in many homes and yards. Once rattlesnakes come into contact with an unprotected property they can make their way inside - this poses significant safety risks to homeowners and pets alike! In order to keep your family safe from these dangerous creatures, it's important you take action now by installing snake fencing that will prevent them from coming onto or near your property at all costs until they're captured safely away from home thanks to us here at Tucson Fence Building.

Snake Fences for Year-Round Protection

Did you know that the season for rattlesnake hunting can vary? That means if you are looking to get your hands on a snake, we need to work with what time of year it is. When in doubt, just give us a call and our staff will be more than happy to find out when the best time would be!

We don't just install snake fences, we're experts in building all types of fences. But we build rattlesnake fences the way we would at our own home because if you live where they dwell, peace of mind is a must!

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