El Presidio Historic District

The city’s first, and at one time, most affluent neighborhood, El Presidio is located downtown and features large, historic homes. The area is full of historic art, architecture, food and culture, and is a great place to raise a family

El Presidio is the city’s first, and at one time most affluent neighborhood. The area features historic homes with excellent architecture for those who enjoy gazing on beauty in their daily lives. Not only does it have a strong cultural presence, El Presidio also offers an escape from our hectic modern world through art galleries that are full of fascinating pieces to be enjoyed by all ages. And if you like your food tantalizingly spicy or sweet? Look no further than this amazing Mexican district where they know how to cook up some truly spectacular dishes!

History of El Presidio

El Presidio Historic District, named for the Spanish military garrison that once stood there and where Tucson all began as a modern-day city, is an area of historic buildings combined with shopping centers. In 1775 when it was first established by Spanish missionaries and soldiers, El Presidio served as an important colonial outpost in Arizona until 1853 when control passed to America. Today families live alongside a very rich cultural experience which includes museums celebrating Hispanic culture on their doorstep while also living nearby some of the most beautiful plazas this side of Mexico City!

Named after its former military use during Spain's occupation over much of what would become Southern California from 1542 onwards (and at times including Northern Baja), "El Plaza" still.

What’s Happening in El Presidio

El Presidio Historic District is a lively area with many shops, galleries and restaurants to explore. One of the stores in this old town district is Old Town Artisans where you'll find local arts from Latin American artists as well as other regional pieces. If art isn't your thing then visit The Tucson Museum of Art or one of their exhibits at El Presidio San Agustin del Tucson Museum for some free family fun that will leave an impression on all those who attend!

One place not to miss while exploring El Presedido historic district are its various outdoor cafes such Cafe A La C’art which has been around since before 2005 providing locals and visitors alike a country-style cafe experience unlike any other in the region.

Off of W Franklin St you'll find the Kingan Gardens a stunning venue for weddings in the area.

Schools in El Presidio

Schools in this Tucson neighborhood include El Presidio Day School, Museum School for the Visual Arts, Davis Bilingual Elementary Magnet School, an City High School among others.


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